konnect Issue-Date:30-08-18

First EC meeting for the year 2018-19 was held on 7th July 2018.

President Mr Sunil Shah, thanked the Immediate past president Mr.RamKerur and the previous EC for all the good work carried out. The President welcomed the trust members and EC Members for this year. The meeting started with an outline of the guiding philosophy behind ISA...

The president introduced the new trust members and the Chairman of the Trust

  1. Dr. KLS Sharma (Chairman)
  2. Mr Venkatapathy SR (Trustee)
  3. Mr Ram Kerur (Trustee)
  4. Mr Sunil Shah (Co-opted from EC)
  5. Mr Anil Kumar (Co-opted from EC)

The members introduced themselves and provided their academic and professional qualifications/backgrounds.
Mr. Venkatapathy provided a detailed overview of the structure of ISA, and explained the roles of the trustees in the functioning of ISAB.
President Mr. Sunil Shah described the roles of the President and other members of the EC.
The first techtalk and tech training to be conducted for the year was announced.

Second EC meeting for the year 2018-19 was held on 4th August 2018.

The President welcomed the EC Members, DVP Elect (Mr. Rajesh Rathi) and the representatives of the auditor M/s. Ramakrishnan & Co (Mr. Srinivasan and Mr. Pavan) and commenced the meeting.
The auditor, Mr.Srinivasan at first thanked for being an Auditor for Professionals team ISA, Bangalore. Narrated relevant Laws/policies pertaining to an NGO/NPO in India.
It was decided a group with selected EC members and all trustees shall be formed to carry out a more focused discussions with ISAB auditors regarding the operation and financial implications of operating ISAB.
Membership status update: Updated status and growth of ISA Bangalore Section membership was informed by Mr.Sukumaran the Membership chair.

During July, one new regular member joined ISAB The members of our section belong to various categories as listed below:

  1. Professional Members (dues paid) : 147 (includes 5 Senior LifeMembers and 31 Senior Members)
  2. Students (dues paid) : 12
  3. Members on Grace Period (dues to be paid immediately, else will lose membership status) : 11

Total Regular Members: 170
Automation Community Subscriber : 135
Total: 305

Mr. Rajesh Rathi briefed the EC on the roles and impact of the DVC. The first agenda taken up is to revive the Section 8 company, and the business plan is underway. District 14 leadership have started discussions with the ISA HQ leadership on the same.

DVP Elect (will takeover as DVP in 2019) plans to focus for the next year on skill and re-skilling development and at a low or no cost for students. Discussions are afoot with automation majors like Schneider, Emerson to support this initiative and get it recognized as a CSR activity.

Third EC meeting for the year 2018-19 was held on 18th August 2018.

The budget for the year 2018-2019 was presented by the President to the ECM. The allocation under various broad headings were informed and explained by the President. Suggestions were noted from various EC members present.
The budget shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for final approval.

Some of the major suggestions:

  1. Reimbursement for EC members for local travel for performing ISAB functions (except attending EC Meetings) to be reimbursed.
  2. Job description for administrative staff and development officer to be reviewed
  3. It was agreed that ISAB will contribute INR 10,000 towards the Kerala/ Karnataka disasters.

To increase the effectiveness of the EC it was suggested and agreed in the ECM to form smaller groups for carrying out various activities for the year.

The President announced that the DLC is scheduled for Aug 30, 2018 at Mumbai. Ram Kerur and Sunil Shah shall be attending the same.

Mr. Sukumaran informed about the details of the competition announced by ISA HQ to identify and reward (USD 500) to the section with the best Membership retention and enhancement record. To aim for this it was discussed that each EC member can have a target for enrolling new members. It was proposed that apart from Faculty Advisor, for at-least one more from Faculty of Colleges with Student Sections to be approached for becoming member.

Further next coming events were discussed.

From student section activities like:

  1. Faculty advisors meetings preparations, a questionnaire is being framed to be sent to all colleges before the meet. The event is scheduled for Sept 01, 2018.
  2. SAIT - ISAB will facilitate the selection of students for SAIT 2019. The section will support the selected students with documentation if required for visa, etc.
  3. iACT - Preparatory work on iACT needs to commence well in advance this time Other suggestions.
  4. To suggest to colleges and aim for introduction in their curriculum of short-duration course credits to students - courses to be provided by ISA .
  5. Second techtalk likely to be on"Cloud technologies for IOT", on 29 Sept, 2018 by Mr Shamik Choudhary, TUV training preparations.

Symposia - In the context of Budgeting it was mentioned that the PharmaNext2019 proposed event shall have Day 1 program consisting of a sort of Pre-conference sessions having interactions between Regulators and representatives of End-user ( Manufacturing ) companies who are responsible for regulatory compliance in order to update (educate) Regulators on various new aspects. There was an observation whether those companies can be asked to sponsor this part of the event.

Web master Jayasimha Melkote indicated that he will soon be updating the ISABangalore.org.in webpage by 25 August 2018.