konnect Issue-Date:30-08-18

Enabling Industry Connect To Students

Rajshekhar Uchil
Senior Member and Past President ISA Bangalore Section
Presently DGM Tech Josts Engineering Company Limited

In today’s world where there is a constant growth in technology its very important that the engineering colleges are in touch with the trends. Its essential that both staff and students are enabled to be in touch with technological trends and standards and best practices.

This is essential for:

Students - Their improved knowledge levels improve their usefulness to the industry. Typically it is seen that for productivity students may require upto two years after they join an industry, while a constant knowledge could bring this down to a year.

Institutes - Industries whose syllabus and outlook is more industry oriented will attract greater industry interaction

It is in such cases that professional bodies like ISA bridge the gap between industry institute by providing close interaction with students, staff and industry.

An interaction with industry provides a holistic interdisciplinary view to the academia and students and gives them ideas on both technical growth parts and career opportunities.

ISA Bangalore section has over the last 10 years and more been actively involved with the academia with around 15 colleges in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala having student sections mentored by us .

The IACT -intercollegiate Tech festival is an excellent opportunity for students to display both their technical and presentation skills to industry.

The SAIT Games at Canada enable staff and students to network on a global level with automation professionals from academia and industry.

The Student scholarships are amongst the global recognition parameters along with the ISA Honors and Awards. Supplementing these are Tech Talks, Talks on Entrepreneurship development, Project guidance and volunteering opportunities which provide both technical skills up graduation as well as soft skills improvement.