konnect Issue-Date:30-08-18

President's Message


Dr. Sunil Shah

M.D., ModeliCon InfoTech, Bengaluru

Dear Fellow ISA Members and other readers :

Let me begin by thanking each one of you for reposing faith in us. The executive committee(EC) members for the year 2018-2019 are fully energized and raring to roll out some very exciting programs and events for the year. We have already conducted three monthly meetings of the EC members with record attendance . I deeply appreciate their initiative to shoulder specific responsibilities for the Section in the spirit of teamwork and volunteerism. Please let us know, if you would like to attend some of the EC meetings.

While we are all excited in rolling out the programs- I would like to end with a sombre note on the tragedies in Kerala and Karnataka due to the severe flood situation. Our thoughts and prayers are for the fellow brethren and do hope they get back to normal life at the earliest. I am sure each one of you is doing her/his bit to alleviate the suffering . I would like to thank the Trustees and the EC for unanimously approving a token contribution of Rs 10,000/- from ISA Bangalore section for the relief funds.

Thank you,
Dr. Sunil Shah
ISA Bangalore section